Who Dat Is?

Shorty get down, good lord

Day 17:
She’s alright.
Love spending time with her,
Had a very adventurous and relaxing day with her💕💕💕💕
Day 16:
Love these two, met them in my French class and we finally decided to go out afterwards tonight! None of us have ever been here but we are all SO impressed. Great food, great friends, great times. #100happydays 😁🍴 (at Slater’s 50/50)
Classy baking

Day 15:
Frozen will always make a day a happy one. #100happydays
Great night

Good morning #PitStop  (at It’s A Grind Coffee House)
Day 14:
A pretty little #succulent I have planted in a coffee mug I never use. Thank you @djesse11 for getting it for me. It’s beautiful and looks like a lotus flower. New life is a reason to be happy. #100happydays #plant #greenthumb #unlessitdies #thenblackthumb (at The Hollow Bastion)
Tis early and bright #selfie #goodmorning #iranintoateuckjustnow #whiletypingthesehashtags
Day 13:
Nice day.
Lovely day.
Love love love #100happydays
Day 12:
Partyin at work today. So much standing.
So much easy listening #100happydays
Day 11:
Work was a trip but still fun.
Didn’t get much sleep last night so I spent the rest of the day relaxing and enjoying my Saturday. Nice day. #100happydays