Who Dat Is?

Shorty get down, good lord

Day 22:
Almost forgot!
@angeliquemorales showed me this amazing cafe in Escondido called EscoGelato, loved it, fantastic. And then the always gorgeous @hollowbreath took lots of pictures on my phone while we ate Greek food and watched Parks & Rec.
A very splendid day ❤️
#100happydays #ChooseYourHappiness14
#Puppy kisses 😭😭😭💕💕💕
Day 21:
Couple days after Easter but it’s never a bad day to dye eggs!
So many fun colors and an endless slue of patters.
The options and possibilities are endless. Let your imagination run wild. #100happydays #ChooseYourHappiness14 #eggs #easter #dye #coloredeggs #colors
Day 20:
Sometimes it’s the simple things that make a day magical. @djesse11 #chikfila #100happydays #chooseyourhappiness14
My evening evolved into this.
I don’t know 🐰 (at The Hollow Bastion)
From this morning, #CampForJesus was a success.
Love all these people, it’s been an awesome night. So happy to have them all💕💕
#CampForJesus such a fun night with many many people. Love em all #100happydays (part 1)
Just ate so much food. So fun.
Can’t wait to #CampForJesus tonight.
Day 17:
She’s alright.
Love spending time with her,
Had a very adventurous and relaxing day with her💕💕💕💕